About us

Major markets are:
* Oil/Gas Industry,
* Power station,
* Telco Operator
* Security Services
* Hospitality.

– Transmission design & implementation – read SDH / Microwave / Switches…
– Secure networking – read SDH / Switching
– Power System
– Media converters – read media adapters
– SCADA transmission systems
– Remote monitoring
– Secure parameters

About the company

TDME has a team of expertise several ICT & Security fields, focused to provide solutions to the growing markets. The services provided are Study – Design – Plan – Implement – Test – Train, the fields we cover are:
– Data connectivity,
– Rugged communication,
– Secured solutions,
– Industrial Applications
– on Reliable equipment,
and more ..

Social Responsibility

Participating in the Future Educations Development:
We aim to support  & develop the future education by establishing a unique division which look into the existing education systems, the future industrial needs, then build or modify curriculum to align with those needs.
The educational landscape has been changed with the rapped development of open internet, and everyone must participate to enhance the learning process to practical process, this will be only established once the  Curriculum moves to STEAM practical based education and integrated with all aspect of education systems including Robotic.
visit www.robotmea.com for more details.

External Associates

Delivering Quality not Quantity.

Robotic & STEAM Education Expert.

Technical Training

WPC - Wood Plastic Composite