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As large companies grow, they increasingly need more dedicated internal infrastructure to communicate with their machines across large factories and between remote sites.Loop Telecom products such as the IP6820 are suited for these difficult environments — it includes several GbE ports for high speed data transfer between data-hungry devices, as well as industrial casing to survive harsh temperatures. Our devices allow you to connect all of your SCADA devices together and monitor from a central office.


Some References

A multinational energy corporation in Southeast Asia wanted to upgrade their infrastructure on five different sites covering an approximate total length of 200km as well as to increase the bandwidth of merely 2Mbps for the transmission network backbone.

The customer has deployed the O9400R and AM3440 on five different sites, covering an approximate total length of 200km. The O9400R is used for STM-4 backbone. The FE is for IP SCADA, GE is for internal usage, and E1 is for PABX. The AM3440 FXS is for hotline from station to station, and RS232 is for serial SCADA.

The O9400R is a standards-compliant high density SDH/SONET/PTN ADM/TM with up to four STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate interfaces. It is also a high-speed platform that supports E1/T1 and Ethernet services. The AM3440 is a multi-services multiplexer, and it serves as a universal gateway by using various of plug-in modules to fulfill different types of voice communication requirements. O9400R plus AM3440 form a cost-effective hybrid solution supporting traditional TDM (PDH+SDH) to provide the existing pre-dominantly PDH-based communication network such as voice services (Hotline) and SCADA. The O9400R is also equipped with Ethernet ports to cater for more devices that require IP channels.

An oil company in North Africa is building a new oil pipeline with hybrid FO cable to cover an approximate total length of 270 kms. The scope of work includes the supply and installation of Fiber Optic Transmission Equipment (FOTE) in five locations as shown in the diagram below, as well as NMS to manage the telecom equipment.

The customer deployed Loop-O9500R-PTN, a cost-effective hybrid solution supporting integrated PDH and SDH (STM-16) functionalities. Moreover, this product can support Multi-Protocol Label Switching-Transport Profile (MPLS-TP), allowing the customer to easily endorse this packet-based technology in future network upgrades.

Loop-O9500R-PTN is a modular system with power, controller logic and SFP redundancy. It can support an uplink capacity of STM-16 (2.5G) with SFP selection that can cover long-haul distances of 60 to 150 kms between adjacent nodes.

Loop-O9500R-PTN is also equipped with a diversified range of low-speed interfaces and Ethernet ports to cater for more devices requiring IP interfaces.

By utilizing Loop-AM3440 units as the backbone of this system, the management center can access the remote units with full IP level protection. By IP level protection, it means that the E1 lines have DS0 protection and the router card supports data rerouting through OSPF (as a router) or RSTP (as a bridge).